Mind Zaps
by Alan Pizzarelli 

Mind Zaps is an innovative collection of modern senryu poetry. Pizzarelli's book includes a one-act play, a satirical parody of a poetry magazine, and laugh out loud humorous prose. From madcap buffoonery to poetry with profound insights of society and the Breaking News of today. The book concludes with a spoof and deep bow to the graphic-novel-style art of the early Ukiyo-e artists, avant-garde kabuki theatre, and fictional comic poets of Japan.

Paperback: 142 pages
Dimensions: 5 x 7-3/4 inches
Published 2019



Alan Pizzarelli’s book Mind Zaps creates a stir in the academic community.

Mind Zaps
By Alan Pizzarelli



from poet,
Michael McClintock

“There is a tenderness and empathy that runs through your best work and it appears to be here, too, with the comic tension and edge your readers have come to love. You have taken the senryu to heights of joy and wise madness as no other writer in your generation. And that includes figures like Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg. Nor with such tenderness and genuine empathy has anyone better explored the human condition through senryu poetry’s comic and uncompromising gaze. The satire tasted here is as important and essential to our culture as the slice of onion on a hamburger, or nuts on streusel.”

—  Michael McClintock

from Amazon

“This book kept me laughing out loud...not just laughing, but snorting, and chortling! There should be consequences for causing incontinence! This is a masterpiece so dense and multilayered. Alan Pizzarelli is such a keen-eyed satirist who knows both heartache and humor. He expertly dishes up equal servings of pathos and absurdity both heartfelt and hilarious. And when you need a serving of joy...this is it! It's a must for the bedside...in a league of it own with it's poignant insight into the awkwardness of the human experience and the hilarity of how we live in this world.
It feels so good to laugh!
This is on my gift list for everyone.
They'll love me for it!”

—  Carol Raisfeld

from Amazon
Six Stars

“Pizzarelli is a poet's poet. Just when you think he can't possibly top himself, he does!
I love this book!”

—  Donna Beaver