A 2nd Flake by Anita Virgil

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A 2nd Flake, now a widely recognized classic of American haiku, first created a sensation among readers and critics in haiku circles and communities in 1974. This beautiful second edition preserves the original text, including Virgil’s innovative graphic formatting, which differed from the standard English-language three-line haiku. An artist, as well as a writer, she expanded the possibilities for experimentation with concrete haiku.

a 2nd Flake by anita Virgil


Review on iBooks

“What a treat to have this classic collection by one of the great poets of our time available electronically. With an insightful new foreword by Michael McClintock, this rerelease of Anita Virgil's 1974 book is a treasure.”

— Susan Antolin, Editor
Acorn: a journal of contemporary haiku


From the Book

“... Though the book is most famous for its haiku, layered with humor, innocence, sparkling wit and voluptuous mirth, there are among them, like radishes in salad, several concise, stringent senryu. How does she distinguish between them? “Simplistically speaking, if it is man within the world, it is haiku. If it is the world within the man, it is senryu” (Introduction to ONE POTATO TWO POTATO ETC,  Peaks Press, 1991).

Now, this masterpiece of keen and delicate observation passes on to a new generation of readers. ”

— From the Foreword
by Michael McClintock.



not seeing
the room is white
until that red apple

low tide:
all the people

the swan’s head
turns away from sunset
to his dark side